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Why is the packaging on my parcel not brand new and has plastic?

Because it isn't. Where possible I reuse bubble wrap, paper, boxes etc from parcels I have ordered. I even have people in my village leaving me empty boxes on my doorstep.
I am trying to be as sustainable as possible with my packaging and giving some bubble wrap a new life is one way towards this. I hope that you will find a use for it as well and keep the cycle going.

Do you do commissions?

On the whole, yes I do commissions but as I am still learning and honing my skills, I would need to find out what it would be before committing to anything. 
Email me or submit a form and we can have a chat.

My product does not look like the picture, how come?

As every product is handmade there will always be slight variations which I think is what gives each piece its' own character. 
I only take a photo of one of the group, I do not think I would have enough hours in the day to list every item individually, sorry! So yes there may be slight differences between what was shown on the website and what you receive.
Please get in touch though if you have any concerns or queries.

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