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All About Uclayja


First things first, why Uclayja? Well, my surname is Ukleja and having spent my life trying to explain to people how to say it, my business name now does it for me. Maybe not with the correct Polish pronunciation but one step at a time. 

Uclayja has been born out of my lifelong love of crafts and I guess a global pandemic. Having worked in construction but never really felt fully at home, I decided for the second time to quit the industry (long story, feel free to message me if you want to hear the long version!) in early 2020 and go travelling to India. As you can imagine those plans swiftly changed this year so instead of travelling, so with A LOT of help from my family, I have converted my mum's shed into a mini pottery studio. From 'The Shed' I hope to create functional and beautiful pieces that are used every day, on special occasions and even for when the Queen comes for tea.

I now have a shiny new kiln so I will be able to start testing new glazes and get even more products out into the world. 

Creativity is crucial and something that I do not think enough people have the opportunity to do, so hopefully through my 1-2-1 classes and workshops I can provide an outlet for all the budding creatives out there. 

Ceramics will not change the world but if I can bring a bit of joy to someones' morning coffee drunk from their favourite mug, or give you the chance to send your loved ones a gift to show how much they mean to you, then that will make this all worthwhile. 

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